Coronavirus: New Zealand 3rd-safest in the world during Covid-19 pandemic

New Zealand has been hailed as a coronavirus safe haven after an international research group ranks it the third-safest country in the world.

The strict lockdown procedures and rapid response to the virus meant New Zealand was better placed than most to deal with whatever was to come, the research found.

And the country's leader has also earned praise from some of the world's media.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's proactive approach to fighting the virus earning her praise, the journalist (Kiwi Anna Fifield) calling it "a triumph of science and leadership". (Mentioned by stuff news NZ)

According to the data published on the international group's website, New Zealand is the third-safest country in the world to be in during the on-going pandemic, behind Israel and Singapore.

Fourth was Hong Kong, followed by Taiwan, Japan and Hungary.


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